Using “Podcast Addict” – Tutorial for Podcast App

Update:  We now have a video that may help further.  You can watch it HERE.

We got tired of people saying “Somebody oughta do something about that” and we did.   This is a tutorial to learn how to use Podcast Addict, the podcast app from the Google Play Store for Android.

Screenshot_2014-06-18-18-08-51[1]Now you will notice that as of June 12, 2014, it has over 500k downloads with a very high rating.  It is possiblyScreenshot_2014-06-18-18-16-26[1] because this is one of the most versatile podcast players on the market with very good support from the developer.  There are many other good ones out there but this one will be our subject for the tutorial.  On the left you will see how it looks in the Play Store.   After installing, you will see a “tip” show up will some helpful instructions about selecting podcasts and then you will see the screen on the right.  Some very good instructions here.  You need to keep in mind that to navigate this app, most of your navigation will be in the top left corner to get to the slide-out menu.Your slide-out menu has most of what you need to subscribe to podcasts, see what you have downloaded, search for episodes, etc.


Screenshot_2014-06-18-18-37-39[1]Screenshot_2014-06-18-18-40-11[1]Screenshot_2014-06-18-18-41-13[1]Screenshot_2014-06-18-18-42-51[1] Screenshot_2014-06-18-18-44-32[1]

As you can see from the screen shots above, you can add podcasts easily without the fear of messing something up.  If you do accidentally add one by mistake, “long press” the podcast from the list and press “unsubscribe”.

Make sure that you take the time to explore the settings and variable speed option.  I go over much of this in an audio tutorial podcast here.

This will hopefully help get you started on your Android.  If you have an iPhone, Downcast is probably the most versatile podcast player to date.  It is a paid app but is well worth what you would otherwise spend on paid radio.

What do you recommend?




  1. Mr. Spence

    Most of pods won’t download. They show in my list but can only be played on wifi. How do I get them to download? Thanks. Leo

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