A Fun Site: BigRigBuilder.com

BigRigBuilder.com has a Free Interactive website for the American Trucker to Build their Dream Semi and Compete in a Virtual Truck Show for Products, such as Chrome and Electronics for Use on your Own Rig.

Here is a pic of what I threw together in a few minutes.  Saweeet!!!
Here is a pic of what I threw together in a few minutes. Saweeet!!!

“In an industry full of predictable websites, BigRigBuilder.com rolls on the scene like a cyclone with a refreshing, fun, inter-active and creative approach that ANY Truck enthusiast can enjoy for hours!” said Bryan Martin, Bossman of 4-State Trucks, Home of the Chrome Shop Mafia.

The virtual Truck Show Competition will be open for seven months. BigRigBuilder.com will continue to add additional trucks, parts, paint graphics and prizes throughout the competition. The 2014 “Truck Build Off” winners will be announced on December 25th for both a Company Driver and an Owner Operator. Current prizes include a chrome package from 4 State Trucks; GPS and CB radio from Cobra; Bluetooth headsets from Blue Tiger; and a SleepDog Gel mattress from SleepDogMattress.

Being a trucker is one of the hardest thankless jobs in the country. Yet, it is because of you that we get our most basic of necessities. BigRigBuilder is an opportunity to say thank you to those that are the lifeblood of America. Competition is open to all truck drivers with a valid Commercial Drivers License within the continental United States and membership is free. Anybody can build a Big Rig, but you must be a member to compete.

Good Luck. Go Big or Don’t Go!



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