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Some apps you know

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Apps that are useful to professional drivers range from social to mechanical to practical.  Tom Kyrk of Roadtestedliving.com, recently took time to chat with me about apps that are important to him while on the road.  While these apps are useful to him because of his personal and professional situation, other drivers will have different opinions and preferences.



Facebook – While we all realize that this app can consume a lot of our time, Facebook has developed itself into a relevant tool in our trade.  Tom uses this app to communicate both personally with family and friends, while promoting trucking interests to his website followers.  Tagging appropriate content with friend’s or associate’s names, he is able to make sure that items do not only show up as his “share” but also notify individuals of their possible interest.



Facebook Messenger – While this is a part of Facebook, it is now a separate app (as images are about to become with Facebook Moments).  Facebook has incorporated some nice features of which exchanging voice snippets (like a mobile radio) and video conferencing are quite impressive.  Recently, Tom and I were both quite impressed with the clarity and sharpness that made Google Hangouts and Skype almost pale in comparison.





Trucker Path – Hopefully, everyone knows about this one.  It is no doubt that Trucker Path has surpassed every trucking app in getting community engagement.  Tom uses Trucker Path for route planning, taking into account the availability of truck stops and the schedule of the scales.




Weatherbug – With all the weather apps out there, it is good to get a driver’s “hands-on” testimonial and the reasons why.  Utilizing NOAA information is top priority and being able to keep up with his location is necessary for all drivers to cut interaction with the app.  Weatherbug’s recent updates have helped it to surpass other apps in its user friendly nature and functionality.





Doc On Call 24/7 – While this is not an app in the general sense, it has an application to our industry and smartphone usage.  Tom uses this service to cut healthcare costs and make the best use of his time for himself and his family.  With the industry trying to squeeze out every minute of  our precious time, this is a great addition to many companies’ healthcare programs.


What apps have you found that

make your life on the road a lot easier?

Download and listen to the interview.


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