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We talk about some separate apps,

but also we look at some integrations as well.



One of our app testing group members, Amanda Jones, took time from her day to talk with me about the apps she uses to “make life on the road a lot easier”.  




Facebook and Facebook Groups – The first is common and is used very similar to everyone else possibly but Amanda uses Facebook not only to see what is going on with friends and family; she uses it with Facebook Groups so that she and her husband can stay up to date with industry news.  It was not too long ago that this would not have been possible in the transportation industry with the reluctance of many about involving technology in their lives.  Now, it is quite easy to get the appropriate industry reports, sometimes as they are breaking.



google talk


Google Talk – Most of us will know this as Google Hangouts, so don’t be confused.  While the Talk version is not available on the Play Store, Hangouts is still quite strong for those who need to connect with unlimited data while their actual text messages are limited.  The integration with SMS that Google did was not received very well despite its well meaning intentions so many abandoned Talk and Hangouts to use other services (a lesson to other apps to shy away from monumental change).





Gmail and Drive – Amanda and I agreed that these 2 apps and their integration with each other were essential.  Being able to take a photo of bills or freight for documentation purposes (and safeguard too), and SHARE it with whoever needs a copy of it, is a vital part of what we do.  I wrote some about this in 2014 on using Drive to keep receipts organized.





DriveWyze – Amanda is a big fan of this app because of its ease of use and great customer service.  She did get the chance to be featured on their blog as Driver of the Month and on TruckingInfo.com to talk about this app.






Banking Services – We didn’t talk about actual banks but we did converse about the services that banks now offer for free to make our lives easier.  Paying bills online and transferring cash between accounts seemed to be Amanda preferred way of using these applications.  Times sure have changed quickly and if the past is any indication of what the future holds, we better buckle up and hold on.



What apps have you found that

make your life on the road a lot easier?

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