Aetna Freight Lines Flatbed

Aetna Freight Lines is an open deck carrier with freight for flatbed, stepdeck, RGN and heavy-haul contractors. Same-day pay on all loads.

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You earn 75% of 100% of Gross Revenue.  Combined with the other features and benefits offered by Aetna, we have one of the best overall packages in the industry.


In January of each year Aetna presents Safe Driving Awards to those drivers who have been with Aetna for the entire prior year and have met the program award standards, by having no preventable accidents or cargo claims and met the program MVR, minimum revenue and compliance standards.

Aetna pays a $100 Safety Bonus, $50 to the driver, $50 to the truck owner, every time we receive a DOT Roadside Inspection that is “Violation Free”.


We pay permit charges. We will permit you for the states you request and that are required.


You may advance up to 40% of gross revenue, up to $700/day.  For 1st advances on a load, there is a 90 cent fee.  Emergency and after-hours advances are available at the discretion of the company.  There is a $3.00 fee for comchecks issued by Aetna.


Stop at any TripPak or TRANSFLO scanning center located at premier full service truck stops nationwide, have the attendant scan your documents, and settlement will be made on your Comdata or EFS card within 24 hours.


All drivers and owners are issued a Comdata or EFS card, your choice.  Advances are issued to this card, and owners also have the option of having settlements put on their card. Owners can also use their card to manage their driver’s advances and payroll.


Aetna offers a guest passenger program for any passenger over 18 years of age.  Ask our Safety Department for more information.


You may use your own properly apportioned base plate, or purchase one from us; call for the current cost.  In the event of lease cancellation, the base plate must be returned and you will receive a pro-rata refund when the plate is reissued.


Aetna does not require you to have workers’ compensation insurance unless mandated by the state of domicile.  We do have an optional Accident and Disability Policy available for owner-operators, which is acceptable in some states in lieu of Workers’ Comp.  We also offer a Workers’ Compensation program for our fleet owners.   Ask our Safety Department for details.


We do not require any escrow money in advance.  Escrow is $800, and is deducted at the rate of $50 per week until collected.  This escrow is available 45 days after equipment cancellation, providing you comply with the cancellation terms of the Service Agreement.   You also have the option of establishing a Maintenance Escrow.  Money held in a Maintenance Escrow is available upon request during normal business hours.


Bobtail/Deadhead (Non-trucking) insurance must be carried by the equipment owner.  We offer this coverage for only $37.50 per month. Owners who wish to carry their own coverage must provide Aetna Freight Lines with a Certificate of Non-Trucking Liability Insurance, naming Aetna as “Additional Insured”.


Aetna offers a comprehensive and collision insurance program for truck owners.  Call the Safety Department for details and an application.


In conjunction with our affiliated carriers, we have a network of more than 150 terminals and agents, as well as a Central Dispatch that will work for you.  There is no forced board, and no company equipment to compete against.  You may contact Central Dispatch at any time for help in finding loads, or you may also use our terminal list.  If you have internet access, you may also search for loads on our load board.


Flatbed operators need adequate chains, binders, straps, and at least enough tarps to cover a 45ft. long 3 ft. high load. Side kits or lumber tarps are not required.  Equipment leased to Aetna is required to undergo periodic equipment inspections at authorized inspection stations. Aetna participates in the cost of periodic inspections that are done “on time” per Aetna’s inspection schedule.


If you need a trailer, we will rent one for you from a reputable national chain.  The rental rate includes insurance and routine maintenance costs and will be deducted weekly.  A $500 escrow is required on flatbeds and $1,000 on vans and is deducted at $50 per week until collected.  Your escrow is returned to you in accordance with our Rental Trailer Agreement, upon return of the trailer.


We prefer you to sign on at our General Office in Pittsburgh.  This allows us to give you a full orientation and the opportunity to me us.  If this in not convenient for you we do have Processing Stations located throughout our system. If you have several units and drivers, we may be able to come to you.  We also offer sign on via web cam.


We offer two options for filing the quarterly IFTA tax:

Option #1 is to sign up for the Aetna IFTA.  If you meet our program’s conditions Aetna will pay your fuel and mileage taxes for the quarter.  You must generate at least $25,000 in billed revenue for the quarter, have less than 2 D.O.T Roadside Inspections with Out of Service violations in the prior 12 months, have no preventable accidents or cargo claims, and turn all of the previous month’s logs, fuel slips and toll tickets copies into the Corporate Office by the 10th of the following month.

A $100.00 refundable escrow is required. Contact the Corporate Office for the enrollment forms and all conditions.

Option #2 is to maintain your own IFTA account and send us a quarterly report.   If you elect this option you must turn in a photocopy of your IFTA License and turn in photocopies of your fuel slips with your scanned logs. You are required to purchase fuel in each state consistent with miles traveled in that state.

Under either option Aetna files and pays the road taxes for the few states that have such a tax (NY, KY, NM and OR for example).  There is no charge back to the trucks for these taxes.


Contractors enjoy fuel discounts at most national truck stop chains when using our Comdata card or EFS card to purchase fuel.


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