American Transport Flatbed Owner Operators

American Transport Inc. is an open deck carrier with freight for flatbed, stepdeck, RGN and heavy-haul contractors.

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You can earn 75% or more with ATI.  In addition to the base pay of 74% we offer a $600 Safety Bonus, a ½ % Revenue Bonus and free Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) after the first year.  Also, we normally pay an additional commission to any truck that has, or can locate, its own freight.  Combined with the other features and benefits offered by ATI, we have one of the best overall packages in the industry.


A bonus of ½% is paid to any truck generating $30,000 in billed revenue in any quarter


We award every owner-operator who is accident and cargo claim free for a year, and has generated at least $100,000 in gross revenue, a Safety Bonus of $600 to apply towards the purchase of an ATI base plate.  If you don’t use our base plate, $25 per month will be applied towards any unit charges.  New units are eligible for this bonus 1 year after start date.


You may advance up to 40% of gross revenue, which equals approximately 54% of truck pay.  Emergency and after-hours advances are available.


All paperwork can be sent to us via TransFlo-Pegasus or TripPak truck stop scanning.  You may also scan your paperwork to us using TransFlo software.  We settle all loads within 8 business hours of receipt of your paperwork.  There is a modest fee for the use of scanning, which allows unlimited scanning privileges.   If you choose you may mail your paperwork to us, although that will delay your settlements.


All drivers and owners are issued a Comdata or EFS card.  Advances are issued to this card, and owners also have the option of having settlements put on their card.  Owners can also use their card to manage their drivers’ advances and payroll.


American Transport contractors enjoy fuel discounts at most national truck stop chains when using our Comdata card or EFS card to purchase fuel.


ATI offers a guest passenger program for any passenger over 18 years of age.  Ask our Safety Department for more information.


We pay, on your behalf, all road and fuel taxes.  80,000 lb. units receive 5.52 miles per gallon, and units grossing less than 54,000 lbs. receive 8.4.  Unlike many carriers, we do not require that you purchase enough fuel in each state to offset that state’s tax liability.  You receive credit for all fuel purchases.  A fuel tax escrow is established at the rate of $25.00 per week.  At the end of each month we will balance your account.  Any additional charges will be deducted from your settlements, and if you have overpaid, we will refund it to you.  We will send you a monthly report showing your miles traveled by state, fuel purchased by state, and tax liabilities and credits by state.

If you prefer, you can obtain your own IFTA sticker and do your own fuel tax reporting.  We can provide you with the necessary forms to get your own IFTA.  We will still prepare your mileage report each month, showing how many miles you ran in each state, to enable you to file your fuel tax returns.  We are still required to report your road tax for the few states that have such a tax (NY, KY, and NM, for example).  The amount due will be charged to you.


We do not require any escrow money in advance.  Escrow is normally $800, and is deducted at the rate of 5% of gross revenue. This escrow is available 45 days after equipment cancellation, providing you comply with the cancellation terms of the Service Agreement.   You also have the option of establishing a Maintenance Escrow.  Money held in a Maintenance Escrow is available upon request during normal business hours.


You may bring your own properly apportioned base plate, or purchase one from us, call for the current cost.  Temporary plates are available within a few hours of receipt of your necessary paperwork.  Remember that our Safety Bonus can help finance your second year’s plates.  In the event of lease-cancellation, the base plate must be returned and you will receive a pro-rata refund when the plate is reissued.



ATI does not require you to have workers’ compensation insurance unless mandated by the state.  We do have an optional Accident and Disability Policy available for owner/operators, which can be used, in some states in lieu of Workers’ Comp.  We also offer a Workers’ Compensation program for our fleet owners.  Ask our Safety Department for details.


Bobtail/Deadhead (Non-trucking) insurance must be carried by the equipment owner.  We offer this coverage for only $34.75 per month.  The truck owner may provide this insurance, but the insurance company must have a rating from A. M. Best of B+ or better, and we must be named as additional insured with limits of $500,000.


ATI has available a comprehensive Health Insurance program that includes Major Medical, Life, Dental and Vision Insurance. This is available to all Fleet Owners, Owner Operators, Drivers and their families. Call the Safety Department for details.


All of our agents, owner-operators and fleet owners now have access to Individual Retirement Savings Plans with Wachovia Securities and Heritage Seubert Financial.  The Individual Profit Sharing Plan with a 401(k) feature is designed for businesses with no employees other than the owner and the owner’s spouse.  Ask our Safety Department for details.


ATI offers a comprehensive and collision insurance program for truck owners.  Call the Safety Department for details and an application.


We have a network of more than 160 terminals and agents, as well as a Central Dispatch that will work for you.  There is no forced board, and no company equipment to compete against.  You may contact Central Dispatch at any time for help in finding loads, or you may also use our terminal list.  You can haul for any of our affiliated companies without having to broker or trip lease.  You may also look for freight on our website, at  Anyone can see our available loads by clicking on that link on our home page; when you lease to us, you can obtain a password that will enable you to see more detailed information, including the gross revenue on the loads.


Tractors and trailers may not be older than 15 years.  All equipment must be able to pass a DOT Level 1 inspection at the time of sign-on, and every 6 months thereafter.  Flatbed operators need adequate chains, binders, straps, and at least enough tarping to cover a 45 ft. long 4 ft. high load.  Side kits or lumber tarps are not required.


American Transport has flatbeds and stepdecks available for rent.  We also sell flatbeds on a lease-purchase basis, with no credit check or down payment required.  Why rent when you can own?  All trailers are bare- you must have  your own chains, binders, straps, and tarps.  Tarps with 4 ft. drops are usually sufficient.


We prefer you to sign on at our General Office in Pittsburgh.  This allows us to give you a full orientation and the opportunity to meet some of us.  If this is not convenient for you, we do have Processing Stations located throughout our system.  If you have several units and drivers we may be able to come to you.

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