Jade shares a quick food tip

Jade from The Jade and Jon Show recently shared a quick economical food idea for those who are trying to save a bit of $$$. This is perfect stuff for the Apps4Truckers.com survey Project 1 and it is just a few seconds long so take a break for this quick tip at 3:58.

BigRig Cooks–Maury Prentiss

This is Part 1 of interviews that we have planned with Maury Prentiss.  He has been cooking in his truck on video for about 2 years now and provided a lot of information about cooking while OTR.  Please make sure that you subscribe to his channel after watching.  More coming soon.

The Jade and Jon Show

Just to put it simply, these two are fun and offer a good perspective on being a husband-wife team in trucking. They share their frustrations and sense of humor openly. It’s a good dose of reality in trucking. I hope that they do this for years to come.

J Cannell

J Cannell is good at telling it how it is. His personal candor in his videos holds very little back. His journey is interesting and good for all newbies thinking about getting into this industry as a driver.

Joe Skinner

One of the reasons for picking the vloggers on this site is consistency. I do not want to refer professionals to vloggers that are “fly by night” any more than they want to work for companies like that. I love husband and wife teams…plain and simple.


I don’t know how popular Edgar “Truckerniner” Garcia is in the industry but he is one of the top video loggers on my radar. He consistently posts and is honest about the industry. He has a pretty loyal following, of which I am one. Edgar, thanks for your video contributions to the industry. Keep on vlogging.